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Welcome to
Peace and Permaculture Dojo

The Peace and Permaculture Dojo is an educational center in




in Isumi City, two hours by train from Tokyo and Narita Int'l Airport. 


Founded in 2016 on an old traditional Japanese homestead (1 hectare),

it consists of a thatched roof omoya (mother-house) that is believed to be over 150 years old,

sub-tropical and temperate forest garden, organic gardens,

tiny houses, compost toilets, and various experiments and unlimited unfinished projects.


Dojo 道場 means a place to practice the “dao”(path).

Our main focus is on SIMPLE DAILY LIVING:

chopping wood, cooking with bamboo and wood, taking care of compost toilets,

cutting grass, growing food, fixing things, and building new structures.

We also practice observing our inner-experience,

learning more about ourselves, and "checking-in" with each other.


We regularly welcome volunteer staff (work-exchange),

offer workshops and retreats (permaculture, daichi no saisei earth regeneration,

nonviolent communication, mindfulness, social change, youth gatherings, family gatherings, etc),

and offer private permaculture tours and personalized experiential sessions.


Areas we are experimenting and practicing

  • living in service of all life

  • zen and mindful living (inspired by the Plum Village community)

  • Japanese and Western permaculture

  • energy independence (we heat and cook 99% with local wood and bamboo)

  • 大地の再生 daichi no saisei (earth regeneration)

  • NVC nonviolent communication

  • integral nonviolence (inspired by the Gandhian Iceberg and Joanna Macy's work)

  • healing of trauma and depression (inspired by our own life struggles)

  • holistic education (inspired by the ecoversity movement)

  • raising children as a village

Feather 6

Visit us

We offer tours and one day experiences for people who are interested in our site and what we do!

Feel free to contact us via email for visiting requests.


We will show you around our property and give lectures on how we design our system and livings.

Duration : 1.5 - 2 hours

Fee : sliding scale* from ¥5000-¥10000 per group

(*you are welcome to decide how much to pay within the range)

One day experience

You can experience the works and practices we do in daily basis in addition to the tour.

Duration : From 10am to 4 pm

Fee : sliding scale* from ¥10000-20000 per group

(*you are welcome to decide how much to pay within the range)

Lunch : bring your own or dojo vegan lunch (¥1000 per person)

Short stay experience

You are welcome to join our daily life for a  few days and experience the works and practices with us. Tour and a brief orientation included.

Duration : 3-5 days (weekdays only)

Fee : sliding scale* from ¥3000-5000 per person

(*you are welcome to decide how much to pay within the range)

NOTE: The management team might not be so available to spend much time together. You may need to be / do something by yourself or with a volunteer staff (if there is).

Long stay as a volunteer

We invite people who are interested I helping us manage this place together.

Duration : 2 months minimum

Fee : none (you will get a place to stay and vegetarian food)

Contact us for more information!

Kai and Misako who live on site and run the dojo are bilingual, so we are happy to offer English tours!


We have been primarily focused on supporting and training our fellow Japanese, but from 2023, we are hoping to invite those of you from around the world. 

We highly recommend coming with as few expectations as possible for a more joyful experience. That is our general attitude for life in general.

​NOTE: Please refrain from visiting us without contacting us in advance because this is also our private home besides opening as an educational center. 


Peace and permaculture dojo is located in Isumi, Chiba.
2 hours from Tokyo center by train and 10 minute walk from the nearest station Chojyamachi (JR Sotobo line).



Feel free to contact us!
peaceandpermaculturedojo(a) (Misako)


We do not have wifi, so our internet work time is quite limited. Please re-contact us if you do not get a reply in a week. 

We are also a small team with a lot of roles, so we may not be able to accommodate everyone at the moment.

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